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Features of Windows-10 Readstone-10

Posted on 12 May 2018


What are the New updates in Windows 10 Redstone 10 version1803

Windows Version 1803 named as Redstone 4 and it’s a Major update of windows 10. Generally version number of Window’s indicates the year and month of completion of that specific update. Like that version1803 (2018 – 03) shows year and month of completion of this update and it’s released on 30th April 2018

New Feature - Nearby Sharing

Windows 10 Redstone 4 version1803 introduce new and useful feature called “Nearby Sharing”. This feature allow user to share any type of files and website links with nearby device without any hustle. File transfer done by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. This option enabled by default and you can disable it on “share experiences settings” page

Updates Remainder

In previous versions new update notification pop up unexpectedly and it utilize the system for long hour. It’s a major complaint in previous windows versions. Redstone 4 will solve this issue. From this version, update notification pop up have options to schedule the installation for user convenient time. Apart from this updates split into minor and major updates. Minor updates done on background while users work with system. So the size of Major updates will reduce. It ensure less updating time compare than previous versions

Timeline adds history to the familiar Task View switcher

This version has special signature feature that shows you all running apps along with all history of apps you previously used. It will appear when you press Windows key along with Tab key

Multi language text prediction

In version1803 users can enable/disable “multilingual text prediction” option which gives suggestion of Latin script languages. Suggestions up to three different scripts and users no need to change their primary language for this option but it’s only available for touch keyboard

Improved Start Menu visualization

Redstone 4 has some interactive visualization in start menu. While hovering items which is on start menu, It will brings beautiful illumination to display hidden border between the list. You can go settings of Microsoft Store app directly by Right Click on it and select Setting


On Redstone 4 version1803, Cortana’s Notebook have face and has 2 tabs “organizer” and “cortana skills”. All your lists and reminders are listed under Organizer and all cortana settings under Cortana Skills tab You can also add your account picture and cortana default setting has set of tips for questions that help you to use cortana

Setting’s got New look

Setting app of Redstone 4 version1803 completely redesigned and giving more graceful look. Additionally users can control Audio and Display settings too.

Timeline suggestion

Users can enable/Disable the suggestions which is shown in Timeline

Limit the New Updates

In previous version s user can’t control bandwidth for windows updates. It’s a major complaint. Version 1803 fix this this issues. From this update, User can set limit for bandwidth which is used for windows updates

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There is a separate settings page for audio control. Users can perform all audio related operations here.

The Diagnostic Data Viewer Tool

The Diagnostic Data Viewer tool is another new feature of version 1803.This feature ensures the transparency on what data is being sent to windows telemetry servers. User can examine all data’s which is sent to windows server

Activity history

It’s another one new feature in Redstone 4 which is used to configure timeline options. Here users can control whether windows can collect activities on your device and send it to cloud or not. In default, windows don’t synchronized with your activity. If user want to connect with cloud they should choose “Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the cloud” option which you can see in this page.

Improved Privacy settings

Users can set which apps can access your files and which apps can’t. Its ensures user privacy over previous versions

Windows Security

From Windows 10 Redstone 4 version1803, the term “windows Defender” replaced by “Windows security” and it has enhanced data security features Redstone 10 has more features. Here we listed only major updates.

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