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How to develop best Mobile Application

Posted on 12 December 2017


The global market has experienced a vast increase in the number of smartphone users in the past decade, thus increasing the mobile application users. This has resulted in plenty of mobile apps being developed catering to users need but lacking in proper design, performance, security or uniqueness. In order to develop successful mobile application, developers should consider the following aspects


The important qualities of any mobile application are its uniqueness, uncluttered design, user friendly interface and easy navigation. The mobile application is also greatly valued based on its simplicity. The simpler the application, more the users.


Most users do not like apps that takes more than 6-10 seconds to open. A welcome screen lets the user know he is already in the application while the app is performing operations in the background like accessing large database. Facebook application is good example for this scenario. The app first loads the main UI while accessing database to retrieve messages, notification’s etc.


A good design and a great code is just not enough if the app is not compatible on all devices. A thorough testing of the application on various devices should be done to ensure its compatibility. Also provide the compatibility information in your app’s Release Notes.

Cost Effective

Android & iOS are two essential platforms in the current market. But developing the app for both platforms will increase the cost. Use cross-platform app development frameworks like PhoneGap, ReactNative and NativeScript to develop apps for all types of OS (iOS, Andriod, Windows) making it cost effective.

User Engagement

The majority of all apps downloaded are for onetime use only. To keep the users engaged consider adding features like embedding social media, offering bonuses or points for unlocking various achievements and rewards.


Data security is one of the primary requirements for app development. Implement security measures to ensure safety of your customers’ data. Having a sound security plan in place to collect only what you need, keep it safe, and dispose of it securely will help protect sensitive data and maintain app credibility.

Users Feedback

Customer feedback provides you with valuable insight into what your customers think about your app. Provide means to gather customer feedback either within the app or using a third party tool. A single negative feedback on your app can drive away other potential users. Pay attention to the feedback, stay close with the users and resolve the issues reported by them at the earliest. This helps in improving the app and customer retention.

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