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Features of Node.Js

Posted on 25 January 2018

Features of Node.Js

Node.js is a server technology used to develop and run web applications. JavaScript’s are main language for Node js. Large number of plugin features in Node Js allows you to easily enhance your application according to your needs. Plugins are managed through the Node Package Manager (NPM). Node .JS has following unique features that make it a popular choice among developers to build a web application easily.

Single Programming Language

If developer using other languages like Asp.Net they should know other languages like VB.Net to write server-side scripts. But Node.js uses JavaScript for both server-side programming and front-end programming. It makes Node.js as a simple and robust framework. JavaScript is a common language among web developers, so web developer from any other web technology can easily adopt with node Node.js

Application Speed

Node.js is uses JavaScript runtime, that is powered by V8, developed by Google. Generally, V8 can execute and compile JavaScript faster than other languages. Another main thing, Node.js performing all I/O operations in an asynchronous manner which consumes a lot of memory.


Node.js based on event-driven architecture so every single operation and call in a script execute in asynchronous manner. This enables Node js to run on a single thread unlike other web technologies. It makes Node.js light-in-weight and It’s a main reason which makes Node Js as a most popular once.

Object Databases

Traditional SQL databases are based on relational model which uses tables. But Node.js applications use object databases like MongoDB. It uses document-based model that uses objects resembling JSON instead of tables


Applications build by other languages are less adaptive when additional scripts added for new requirements. Developers need to make changes deep inside the code. But Node.Js has a bunch of small applications instead of a single and large application. This features allow developers to add a new functionality with much ease, fast and no need to make changes deep inside the code.

Host Anywhere

Due to its simplicity lot of developers using Node.Js and it outshines other web applications. Almost all web servers and cloud-based hosting providers like Amazon , Google, Microsoft Azure and others support hosting of Node.js web applications In recent years lot of corporates giants use Node.Js. A global networking site LinkedIn moved from Ruby to Node to handle their mobile traffic. It reduced the number of servers 30 to 3, i.e. nearly 90% reduction in server usage and this system was upto 20 times faster. All these figures clearly indicates , Node. JS perform much faster than other technologies

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